Low Carb Chat

Do we really need another food blog?

If you’re an avid foodie or just enjoy a casual dalliance into the online world of cuisine, you would have no doubt noted a plethora of food blogs, websites and Facebook pages. They are a hugely popular topic for bloggers and, it seems, there are no shortage of readers. Included in this online life of food are an increasing (yay!!!) number of low carb and paleo dedicated sites. That’s great news. When I ventured first into low carb eating, about 17 years ago, there was very little out there. The increased availability of ideas, recipes and ingredient replacements has given me a new lease of excitement for living a low carb life.

So why, after my first attempt at Low Carb, am I coming back to it now? Well, as mentioned above, the availability of information and food options has improved greatly, therefore making it much easier to sustain. In a perfect world, one wouldn’t need the replacements to make food suitable. Artificial sweeteners or the latest “natural” ones, xanthan gum…the list goes on. But lets face it, seeing all those wonderful goodies the people at the next table in the cafe are enjoying may leave one a little dissatisfied with being unable to indulge in any decadent treats. Just keeping it real! 😉 What’s available to us now is also much more efficient at bringing us that decadent experience. Less weird aftertaste, richer, more pleasant to eat. Now, more than ever before, are we capable of having our cake and eating it, while maintaining a completely healthy food intake.

More importantly for me though, is health. I am ready to commit to a low carb lifestyle because it’s the only way I can live a healthy life sustainably. Believe me, I’ve tried other ways. I imagine quite a few of you have, too. I am diabetic, so for one, anything sugar related is BAD. Refined carbs are not much better, because they all become sugar once ingested.

I should answer the first question I opened with. Do we really need another food blog? I don’t know, to be honest. There are a ton of great blogs out there; I’ve visited many already over the last three weeks since my lifestyle change began. However, I do hope to bring something different to my blog than what I’ve seen so far.

I don’t always promise pretty! More than likely it will be a photo from my camera phone as I balance the plate upon my lap only moments prior to digging in.

I don’t always promise success. I will post my failures, my semi-successfuls and my awesomes. I will be real, honest, and up front about my kitchen inadequacies. I miss out key ingredients by accident when I’m tired and if I’m not in the mood to cook-but have to-anything can go wrong and does (i.e. feeding the floor a freshly cooked meal).

I do promise honest food, honest results and my own twist on recipes and ideas. I also will make and offer my thoughts and experiences on recipes from other bloggers/sites. There’s some great stuff out there. I hope I can collate some of it for my readers.


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