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Chocolate Brownie

I recently happened upon a recipe from a website called SheKnows, just begging me to try it out. You can find the Brownie Recipe here

It sounded good. What’s not to like about chocolate in a quick and easy recipe? From starting to make it to the serving it up, it takes me no more than 16 minutes.

I made the brownie the same day I discovered the recipe. I’ve made it twice more since then, and I can absolutely promise it will be a staple in my arsenal of quick and easy desserts to whip up when we feel in need (i.e. WANT) of something extra after dinner.

My first attempt was…okay. The casserole dish was too large and my temperature and timing off. The top element in our oven is broken so we’ve learned to compensate by using higher temperatures and fan bake. It doesn’t always work, particularly when it comes to baking. So the brownie was very dry. But, it also tasted GREAT. Enough to be very enjoyable, in fact, served with a dollop of whipped cream (natural yoghurt would be awesome, too).

After several nights had passed, I thought it was time to try again. I used a smaller dish and used a lower temperature than previously. A better result, but still dry. No issues with how it tasted at all; I just wasn’t getting the gooey brownie as described in the recipe.

When you find something yummy, even when it “fails” one is encouraged into making further attempts. So came bake trial number three last night. This time I used the same dish, but kept the temperature and oven setting as the recipe says. I set the timer for exactly 13 minutes. I’m almost there. The brownie was still dry around the edges, though not to the same extreme. It had a small area of goo in the center.

This time I served it with mashed mixed berries and butter cream. It was the best tasting of the three efforts, for sure. The combination of berries, chocolate and cream; a classic match for good reason!

More experimentation is needed to get the perfectly gooey brownie the recipe tells me I should be getting. It is an effort well worth making and my husband is happy to eat as many trials of it as I care to make.

If you’re wondering what Butter Cream is, it’s my new invention…er…blush. Just overwhip some thick or double cream until it’s almost-but-not-quite butter. It’s what happens when a husband distracts you! Truly. I must say though, it worked brilliantly on the dessert. Regular whipped cream melts into pools on a hot dessert leaving you wondering why one bothers whipping it at all. Butter Cream held its form and allowed the diner to choo

se the ratio of cream to chocolate and berry. Try it sometime and let me know what you think. Just don’t take it too far or you might be searching for a low carb cracker to spread it onto instead.

Happy and healthy eating!


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