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Restaurant Dining

Our favourite local cafe has just begun opening for evening meals two times a week. This is the second weekend of being open Friday and Saturday evenings, so my dear husband took me out for dinner.

We had discussed a little bit before hand about how we would tackle the evening. One off treat? Try to stick to the low carb plan? Entree and main or main and dessert? There were several ways we could have gone. The menu was unknown so in the end we just had to wait and see. I think we pretty much both favoured a treat night while being sensible. Is such a thing even possible? Of course it is. 😉

Menu card for Nor'Wester Restaurant lit by candle light

We sat down and poured our glasses of chilled water and it was time to scan the menu. “Yum!” was my first thought. Then I got down to dissecting the choices. We agreed to have an Entree and Main each. A choice of three entrees on the menu, each containing carbohydrates in the form of bread. The bread this restaurant/cafe uses is a locally made artisan sourdough bread (I know the baker!). Out of the three, we both liked the look of the Chilli and Lime Tiger Prawns. Oh my! I’ve never had tiger prawns and was not quite prepared for how deliciously messy they can be. Thank goodness for the finger dipping bowls provided to clean up afterwards. The bread was wonderful for mopping up the juices left on the plate. I must admit to feeling a little naughty eating the bread, and I did give a few moments consideration to leaving it on the plate. Here are the before and after shots.

Entree dish of Chilli Lime Tiger Prawns with bread and salad

A pile of prawn shells left after eating an entree dish or prawns, salad and bread

There were several choices for main and all had some form of carbohydrate with them. It was a hard choice but eventually my husband and I both went for the Mediterranean Chicken – a chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella cheese and other goodies accompanied by roasted vegetables and potato dauphinoise. Again the brief thought across my mind to not eat the potato, but it looked SO yummy. In actual fact I could have left them out and I would have been perfectly satiated and full. For better or worse I ate those creamy, tasty carbs.

restaurant meal of Mediterranean stuffed chicken with roast vegetables and potato

We did take a look at the dessert menu, and everything was typically sugar laden. Dishes that previously would have tempted us to indulge – apple strudel, Eton Mess, a rich chocolate tart …. Mmmmmmm. However we were both feeling quite full so we opted for a hot chocolate. Was it a better choice? I have my doubts about that one, but it was a lovely end to a special night.

Hot chocolate in the lounge area of the Nor'Wester Cafe

A cup of sweet hot chocolate from Nor'Wester Cafe

So my first dinner out since we began our low carb lifestyle came to an end. I know that I definitely could have been stronger and not eaten the bread, the potato, nor drunk the hot chocolate. But I did ingest those things and I did so knowingly and with consideration. And it was only one meal. The day leading up to it and the day following were all back to schedule – completely! Surely this is half the battle. One day I shall attempt to win the war.

I am also a realist. I know these challenges will come again and again. I am reading a book at the moment about quitting sugar. I shall finish this post up with a quote from it, which I believe is quite appropriate at this point.

“Quitting sugar for life simply means making the best available wellness choices and doing your best (by yourself). It’s a gentle, curious experiment, not a mean diet. Also, this: so-called lapses are good! They are perfect for reminding us why we choose not to eat sugar.”

“I Quit Sugar for Life” by Sarah Wilson

Wishing you strength and health in your chosen lifestlye,


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