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Feeding my man at lunchtime

I spent a great deal of last night awake. I did not want to be awake, but my mind spent too much effort thinking about what I would provide for my husband’s lunch. I worked a full 8 hour day yesterday and did not have any leftovers from last night’s dinner with which to ‘make’ his lunch. I knew we were short of anything quick and easy that I could throw together in the morning. My husband’s job is a physical one and he is a 6’3″ powerhouse. He works hard and needs good fuel to keep him going.

My mind likes to wrestle with problems at night and usually no fruitful answers come from that wasted sleeping time. I’m in for a tired day today. However, in amongst the worry and constant going round in circles that my tired brain was doing during the night, I did come up with the idea of adding a section to my blog. This new section is entirely about providing lunch for my darling husband. Things are slightly trickier now we are living a lower carb lifestyle. Previous go-to’s for when time and energy was short, such as pies, baked beans, toasted or untoasted sandwiches are off the table, in fact, they are not even in the house now.

Maybe this section of my blog will give someone else an idea about lunch possibilities, or purely entertain (that would be pretty awesome!).

We have it easy at our workplace when it comes to facilities (I work part time at the same place my husband works full time). We have a full kitchen and a separate small kitchenette – two fridges with freezers, two jugs, oven and stove top, panini machine, toasted sandwich maker, smoothie maker, toaster, microwave oven, 2 barista style coffee machines, chilled water dispenser and ice maker. We are also well stocked on milk, beverages, chocolate biscuits (which neither of us eat anymore), condiments and seasonings, often fruit, and probably some things I am forgetting. We are well looked after. When organising a lunch for my husband, these all help expand upon possible options. It’s not your typical lunchbox, but sometimes it can be.

So when it was finally time to be awake, with a yawn I delved into the freezer and stared into it’s cold depths – it is winter here, so that’s a fun activity to do at 5.45am! 😰

The only thing that spoke to me (I must be so tired I am hearing voices from my mini-Antarctica), was a tray of chicken drumsticks. Okay, chicken drumsticks it will be. In the kitchen I removed the packaging and proceeded to drop them a few times on the marble chopping slab so I could break a couple off from the rest. Fortunately they didn’t mess with my mood and came apart fairly easily. Now I know what my lunch will be, too. 😀

So here is his lunch to cook up at work. A couple of large chicken drumsticks, pumpkin, swede, carrot and kumara (sweet potato). Don’t fret at all the root vegetables. We are not on a ‘typical low carb’ eating plan. He will buy a bag of salad or coleslaw on the way to work to accompany it.

Frozen chicken and raw vegetables to cook for lunch

In his actual lunchbox are the snacks; and I took the easy route on those today. An array of fruit, a container of nuts, a raw carrot, plain unsweetened yoghurt, and a couple of sugar free lollies. Sometimes he eats everything, sometimes not, but I need to make sure he has enough in case he needs it. Some days are huge and he needs a corresponding calorie intake to support the increased activity.

Time to start planning his lunch for tomorrow I guess. 😉

What are your favourite things for a packed low carb lunch? I would love any tips or suggestions. Variety is essential in my view.

Happy and healthy eating,





4 thoughts on “Feeding my man at lunchtime”

  1. Low carb during the winter is a struggle for me. I am impressed that you easily pulled something out of the freezer and made something. I would love to have those skills!


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