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Lazy Mid-Week Lunch

When I thought to blog about my husband’s lunches, I never thought my very next post would be about my midday repast.

For two nights I have endured poor sleep and my days are pretty much zombie like. Feeling altogether too listless, the thought of what to have for lunch was an effort. I briefly dallied with the thought of cooking up some comforting low carb pancakes, then quickly bypassed that idea. Comfort food it may be, but it was too much effort. Besides which we are running short on eggs, almond flour, cream, oil, butter… It’s shopping day on Friday, thank goodness. The final clincher was that the lack of a nutritious meal was not going to leave me feeling any more alive. I needed a quick, healthy, effortless lunch to keep me going.

There was some broccoslaw in the fridge which I dumped some of onto a plate, added a small piece of cheese, chopped – leftover from preparing my husband’s lunch this morning. A squirt of my favourite store-bought mayo on top. There were radishes hiding in the vege drawer of the fridge, so I added a couple of those, cut into quarters.

Protein – need protein. I always have tinned salmon in the pantry. Growing up I hated sandwiches. My carefully packed lunches usually became bin food. The only sandwiches I remember eating all through school were salmon and onion. I must have eaten others, but I don’t remember them. Salmon is my all-time favourite food, in ANY form. I used to add vinegar to it as well but nowadays I only do it sometimes, for memory’s sake. I like tinned salmon with chopped onion, salt and pepper. Spread it between two slices of fresh, soft bread and I’m in sandwich heaven.

Bread – yeah. That’s right, I’m eating low carb now and my childhood (and adulthood) sandwich is confined to the happy memory section. Fortunately I found a low carb bread recipe a few weeks back and it has become one of my regular makes when a meal needs a carb-like bolster.

The recipe I use is this Bread in a Cup recipe from The Banting Chef. I cook it for longer than the recipe states, but that’s the only thing I do differently. The size, shape and thickness of the cup used has an impact on the timing and successful cooking, but otherwise it’s a breeze. From grabbing the ingredients to having it sliced and buttered on a serving plate takes under 5 minutes. Even my tired self could handle that today.

I chopped a little bit of red onion to go with the salmon. Normally I would mix it through, but today I just piled it on the plate and sprinkled some on the salmon-topped bread as I ate. I did mention this was a “Lazy Mid-week lunch”, right?

 Lunch of salmon, salad and low carb bread

Salmon and red onion on Low Carb bread

After a bite is taken of salmon and red onion on low carb bread


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