Low Carb Chat

Of Spring, Salads & Leftovers

We are in the last month of winter here in New Zealand and we’ve had the most beautiful week of mild temperatures. It already feels like spring. Yesterday it got to a delightful 18 degrees Celsius. It felt almost like summer and was certainly a day for getting washing dry on the line outside. Also a day for mowing lawns as the neighbourhood was abuzz with the drone of multiple lawnmowers taming the late winter growth.

A few days previous I had cooked up a reasonable sized piece of roast pork. We’d already had 3 meals from it, and we used the last of it today. Served cold on a plate with a heap of summery salad. Now, I’m normally a hot veg kind of gal, but there’s something exciting about coming into the season of salad vegetables after the cooler months of winter warming meals. Already the salad-y veggies are coming down in price, helped by the great growing weather we’re experiencing.

So it was with great enthusiasm that I loaded our plates with mesclun, alfalfa and bean sprouts, radishes, tomato, spring onion and a sprinkling of grated cheese – in a completely haphazard pile. We are almost out of mayo (my preferred dressing), so I made a vinaigrette from bay leaf infused olive oil, rosemary infused red wine vinegar and a light touch of sweetener – just blended in a small bowl with a fork. A delicious plate of food, containing all the promise of a long warm summer.

Further into summer I’ll be looking at how to jazz up the salads, but for now, it’s a simple thrown-together plate of deliciousness with no fuss necessary.

What’s your favourite low-carb salad combo?

 Plate of salad with cheese and cold roast port


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