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Soft Wraps

As mentioned in this blog post I have a favourite low carb pancake of the three recipes I have tried so far. I also wanted to try making a savoury version and using it as a wrap. The results were delicate but yummy.

I made a few small variations to the pancake recipe to convert it for the purpose. Preparing the filling can take some time – chopping, slicing, etc, as is any salad  – but the making and cooking of the wraps is quick and easy.

When overstuffed, eating these is definitely knife and fork territory. However, if you play light with the filling, they can actually be picked up and eaten with the hands. Using a knife and fork does not bother me – I like to pack as much veggies in there as possible. The other option, of course, is just to serve the salad on the side and save the wrap to hold your choice of proteins.

They were delicious! Hubby and I each had two of these wraps stuffed with goodies for lunch and found them very satisfying and satiating. It does make me want to work on a recipe for a firmer, crunchier wrap option. But that’s for another time. I hope you enjoy this dish.

This recipe was adapted from: Cream Cheese Pancakes

Low Carb Soft Wraps

Serves 2

♥ Ingredients ♥

2 heaped T cream cheese, softened in the microwave
2 large eggs
1/4 t celery salt
dash ground white pepper
1 t sesame seeds
2 t coconut flour

♥ Method ♥

Place all ingredients in a bowl and blend together with an electric beater. Leave to sit while preparing the filling. It is very runny, but don’t worry – it is supposed to be that way.

Frothy wrap batter needs to rest so the bubbles settle
Let the batter sit to allow bubbles to settle

Prepare all of the filling ingredients of your choice. Whatever you use, it shouldn’t be too wet as I don’t think it would hold up to it. Think mayo instead of vinaigrette.

I used mayonnaise, chopped cooked chicken, mesclun, grated carrot, grated cheese, chopped tomato, gherkin, and spring onion. I’ll include some other combos for inspiration below.

Heat a good quality non-stick pan on a medium-high heat and spray with some non-stick cooking spray if needed. I recommend a copper pan which works like magic against food sticking. Make sure it is HOT or your first pancake will fail, breaking apart into something resembling scrambled egg. Be patient waiting for that pan to heat (because so far I have not been LOL).

Pour 1/4 cup of batter into the HOT pan and swirl around a little. Leave to cook until top starts to dry; approximately 2-3 minutes (if your pan is hot enough). Carefully flip the pancake over and cook for several seconds on the other side. Even if your first one fails, the rest should cook up beautifully (because the pan is now hot enough). Repeat with remaining mixture. It makes four wraps.

Lay two pancakes on each plate and place filling of choice down the center of each wrap or let each person fill their own. Fold the sides over top, if you didn’t put too much filling in. 😉

Wraps have been topped with a selection of meat and salad vegetables
Plenty of yummy filling
Wrap breakage due to too much filling added
This happens when you overstuff them and try to pick them up!

Other suggested filling combos:

  • Mix a drained can of tuna with some mayonnaise, cracked black pepper, red onion and a squeeze of lemon. Top with cheese, gherkin and fresh salad greens.
  • Slices of ham, swiss cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, and your favourite mustard.
  • Chopped salami, crumbled feta or blue cheese, coleslaw and mayo.
  • Cooked sausage (sliced into rings), caramelised onion, smoked cheese, baby spinach
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill and add a salad on the side
  • Sliced cold roast beef, horseradish, caramelised red onion, and bean sprouts.
  • Halloumi with pan roasted beetroot and red onion, baby spinach and a drizzle of beetroot balsamic glaze
  • Prawns with courgette noodles, both pan fried in garlic butter, finished with lemon juice
Plate of prepared ingredients ready to fill a wrap
Placing prepared ingredients on a platter makes it fun to create different combinations. 


What are you favourite fillings for wraps and/or sandwiches? I’m sure there are plenty of tasty options I have not thought of. Why not leave me a comment if you’d care to share your ideas.

Happy, healthy eating,


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