Dark, rich and moist Blackberry Brownie with whipped cream
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Blackberry Brownie

In my previous post I talked about the punnet of frozen blackberries I pulled from my freezer and gave a recipe for a casserole I made using them. Find that recipe here. Now it’s time for my second blackberry recipe – a deliciously rich and moist dessert. It is so dark and rich that I found it terribly difficult to photograph on my phone. It didn’t last long enough to pull out my big girl’s camera to take better photos. Maybe next time! 😀

I am calling this a brownie, for it’s too moist for a regular cake, and yet not fudgy like one imagines a brownie to be. It’s kind of both but neither. So let’s call it a brownie for simplicity’s sake. It has a crusty top, a rich, moist center and the bottom is, well, juicy – but not soggy – as the berry juice soaks up during cooking.

In developing this recipe I wanted a very rich chocolatey experience to pair with the tart blackberries. I think I managed to achieve that, but I do highly recommend Dutch processed cocoa. It will not be anywhere near the same if regular cocoa powder is used.

I have added sweetener to the mashed berries. This small amount of sweetener still allows the tartness of the berries to come through to balance against the rich chocolate brownie … without making your face pucker. 🙂

I am quite excited to present this recipe as it truly was delicious. My husband even said it was perfect as is, no amendments required. That’s pretty much a dream response right there. The pleasure in having other people enjoy what you’ve cooked is gratifying.

So without further chatter, here it is. I do hope you try it.

Blackberry Brownie

Serves 4

♥ Ingredients ♥

1 T erythritol/stevia blend
1 C blackberries, defrosted or fresh

Brownie Mix:
5 T Almond flour
2 T Coconut flour
1 1/2 t Baking powder
3 T erythritol/stevia blend
3 T Dutch processed cocoa powder
2 large eggs
1/2 t vanilla essence/extract
2  butter
2 T coconut, almond or regular milk
6-10 extra blackberries

♥ Method ♥

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

In a 6 inch casserole or baking dish, mash one cup of the berries with a fork and stir through one tablespoon of an erythritol/stevia blend sweetener. Set aside.

Baking dish with mashed blackberries in the base
Mashed blackberries

In a smallish bowl, put in all of the dry ingredients: almond and coconut flours, baking powder, 3 T sweetener, and cocoa. Whisk together with a clean fork to mix and break up any lumps in the coconut flour.

In another small bowl whisk together the egg with the vanilla, butter, and milk (I used coconut milk) with the fork until well blended.

Pour wet ingredients into the dry and stir with the fork until well mixed. It should be a medium firm batter.

Ingredients for brownie all combined into a rich batter
Brownie batter

Place spoonfuls on top of the mashed berries, gently spreading it out to uniformly cover the top.

Dot your reserved berries around the surface of the batter.

Whole blackberries dotted on surface of brownie batter
Blackberry Brownie ready to go in the oven

Cook for approximately 20 minutes (ovens vary in temperature and efficiency so yours may take a shorter or longer time). Test for doneness by inserting a skewer – if it comes out clean the brownie is done.

Serve warm with sweetened whipped cream or low carb ice cream. Would also be great with custard.

Dark, rich blackberry brownie served with whipped cream
Rich, dark, moist … and hard to photograph!

No blackberries? I am sure this will work equally well with other berries, particularly raspberries. Or for a more classic dessert, cherries. I think I’m going to try it with cherries next. Mmmmm.

I’d love to know what you thought of it should you make it.

Happy, healthy eating,


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