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Cooking Misadventures

Part of my approach with this blog is to present the not-so-perfect side of being a home cook. To share the failures and ‘almost there’s’. To laugh at myself and hopefully have you laugh along with me.

Sometimes cooking just goes wrong and for me that is an all too regular event. It can vary from a complete catastrophe to a “meh, that was okay”. I always want to present a tasty meal and I don’t always succeed.

This first dish falls into the “meh” category.  I make a salmon fritter recipe that both my husband and I like. I thought I’d take that recipe and turn it into croquettes. Sounds good in theory. Looked good too. When served to my husband his words were, “Are you sure you don’t want to quit your job and go work for the Cafe down the road?” Yeah, dinner looked good that night, but the taste experience was disappointing. I’m not sure why they tasted better as a fritter than a croquette. It was only the dipping sauce I made to accompany them which saved the meal.


A plate of salad and salmon croquettes with creamy dipping sauce
Salmon Croquettes with creamy dipping sauce and a salad

The next batch of fails are the opposite. They all taste really good, but a variety of things went wrong in the process.

First up are my squid rings. I’ve never crumbed squid rings before. In the days before my lifestyle change I used to love buying pre-crumbed ones and cooking those up. However their coating turns a good protein into a carb-loaded fest. So, time to coat my own. Or try! They had a really good flavour, eaten with a forkful of breading that did not stay on. I’m not sure what I did wrong.

Salmon, crumbed calamari and kumara cooking in a frypan
Cooking up self-crumbed calamari and the coating is coming off
Dinner with calamari with breading that fell off
Nude calamari with a sprinkling of low carb crumbs

The next one was a definite winner in the flavour stakes, but in terms of visual appeal it was only halfway there. This cheesy chicken bake was totally delicious, but there was too much liquid at the end and it was curdled. Curdled anything never piques an appetite.

A cheese and chicken bake
Cheesy Chicken Bake looking good
Curdled juices from out of a cheese and chicken bake
but curdled juices are not appetising

The final fail is one of those that happens when one is either distracted, too tired, or not in a cooking mood. I found a low carb cream cheese and blueberry scone recipe, and quickly whipped up a batch. When I pulled them from the oven after the allotted cooking time I realised I’d omitted the raising agent. Hmm. Flat scones; not the look I was going for! Fortunately they were entirely scrumptious and like a soft biscuit in texture. Flavour is always MOST important, so they were kind of a win, too.

Flat Low Carb Blueberry scones made without a raising agent
Flat scones or soft biscuits?

That’s it for my first round of cooking misadventures.

Have you had any misadventures in the kitchen you’d like to share? Love to know I’m not the only one it happens to.

Until next time,
Happy, healthy eating,




16 thoughts on “Cooking Misadventures”

  1. I loved reading this! My daughter and I often try out some wonderful sounding delacacies… Sometimes they are great and others the dogs won’t even eat… We always have a great time laughing at our epic fails- don’t ever suggest we make homemade potato chips… We failed awesomely at that!


  2. My entire culinary life is mistake after mistake! I’m terrible at baking because I think I’m a bit too impatient and you have to be so careful with it. That calamari sounds good, and sometimes I find food can look unappealing but taste bloody delicious. Thanks for sharing your misadventures! 🙂 Leanne x


  3. I’ve had my fair share of cooking disasters. My first cake had no flour in it – I forgot to add it. And I have never managed to make a good sponge cake. There’s always something wrong with it.
    I just hate when I spend hours slaving in the kitchen and instead of a delicious meal I end up with something unfit to eat. But practice makes perfect. 😊


    1. A cake with no flour would have been, um, interesting. I can’t say I’ve done that, but multiple times I’ve left out baking powder or spices. Kitchen disasters definitely help us appreciate the successes, don’t they. 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting, Kate.


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