Greek style yoghurt with the addition of vanilla and walnuts
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Yoghurty Goodness

Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my true and honest views of the products mentioned. I have no affiliate links; I have not been sponsored nor received a reward for this post. 


Yoghurt is a staple in our low carb lifestyle. It has to be unsweetened (of course), and full fat, preferably Greek style. Yoghurt has so many health benefits that it makes a great addition to a low carb lifestyle, even though it does contain a few carbs.

Recently we tried out a new yoghurt that has been released on the New Zealand market by Anchor, and it is called Protein+. It is an unsweetened, natural, Greek-style yoghurt. I am being 100% sincere when I claim: Protein+ revolutionised my yoghurt-eating experience. It is so thick, incredibly creamy and not quite so…sour…as yoghurts can tend to be.

After having blasted our way through a couple of tubs of this thick ‘n’ creamy deliciousness, it was disappointing to return to slightly cheaper and thinner brands. Yes, Protein+ is on the pricier end of the scale, but it truly is a premium product that I don’t mind paying the extra for.

We also make our own yoghurt at home in a yoghurt maker. The various brands of make-your-own yoghurt sachets we’ve tried all produce a product comparable to any tub of ready-to-eat yoghurt bought in the dairy section of the supermarket. Then I found a new (new to me) sachet brand, locally made in Christchurch. And it was on special! I thought I’d give it a go.

Wow! I am so go glad that I did. Homestyle yummy yoghurt’s ‘Extra Thick Greek Style‘ unsweetened yoghurt is definitely on a par with the consistency and creaminess of the Anchor+ product. Once we’ve used up the other branded sachets in our pantry, “Homestyle yummy yoghurt” will be our regular go-to along with the Protein+. Although the Homestyle sachets are cheaper than the Anchor tub, they can happily sit together on our grocery list. Sometimes it is just more convenient, and necessary, to buy a ready-to-eat product.

I love finding multiple options for great products. Discovering two wonderfully textured yoghurts is fabulous, but I do suspect it has turned us into ‘yoghurt snobs’. *blush*

Yoghurt is very useful to have around. It makes a great snack, customisable to your preference of additions and flavours. It is fabulous added to baking, turned into a dip for vegetable sticks, or in a curry or other cooked sauce, adding depth and creaminess.

My latest love is to do a quick mix of a few ingredients to make a delicious afternoon treat. The recipe following is a perfect combination of flavours. Thick and dreamy, it is a decadent experience to be savoured. I know, it doesn’t really need to be a recipe, but I’ve done it that way for ease of presentation.

Vanilla Walnut Yoghurt

♥ Ingredients ♥

1/2 C of prepared Greek Style yoghurt*
1 T of walnuts, chopped
1/4 t vanilla essence
Few drops of liquid sweetener to taste (I use Sucaryl) – optional

*  If you are in NZ I highly recommend Homestyle yummy yoghurt – who offer free shipping on all online orders; or Anchor Protein+. Both are found in supermarkets.

♥ Method ♥

Place the yoghurt in a small serving dish or travel container.


Add nuts, vanilla and sweetener (if using). Stir to mix it all together.


Enjoy immediately or take with you for a healthy snack on the go or at work.


Customise it to suit: use almonds or sunflower seeds or a mixture or nuts and/or seeds. Alter the essence flavour to suit – Caramel, Almond or any fruit flavour would work well.

Yum. I want some now, but I ran out of the delicious Homestyle yummy yoghurt this morning, giving the last of it to my husband for his work lunch.

Here are some more ways I like to enjoy yoghurt:

  • Stir through a handful of frozen blueberries or raspberries.
  • Add some sugar-free maple-flavoured syrup and chopped walnuts.
  • Stir in sugar-free maple-flavoured syrup and a tablespoon of dessicated coconut.
  • Mix in a couple of teaspoons of your favourite sugar-free fruit jam.
  • Use unsweetened (or sweetened if you prefer) in place of whipped cream on cake or puddings
  • Use half yoghurt and half mayonnaise to produce a lighter and more complex dressing for salads, kebabs, and low carb wraps. If you are not on a low carb style of eating, then it makes an excellent dressing for a potato salad. Stir small diced gherkins, red capsicum, sliced black olives or capers, and red onion into the yoghurt/mayo mixture before smothering some cooked baby potatoes or chopped cooked waxy potatoes.
  • Mix through chopped fresh or dried herbs (eg. dill, chives, parsley), lemon juice, salt and pepper to serve as an accompaniment with seafood or low carb fish cakes.


How do you like to eat your yoghurt? Plain, dressed up (or down, hehehe)? Do you have any particular combinations you really enjoy? I would love to hear about your delicious ways with yoghurt.


Happy and healthy eating,





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